UberSpace Legacy

Near Earth Future, Sci-fi Megagame with BoardGame & RPG Elements

Humanity's first contact comes as a warning of impending doom! Join 20-60+ others to organize, negotiate and defend Earth from the extra-terrestrial threat!


A Science Fiction 
MEGAGAME for 20 to 60+ players!

You’ll be assigned a role.  Many of you will be Starship Captains  or the team Commodore. You may be the Fleet Admiral in charge of a small fleet of ships. 

OR… Maybe your the Head of your teams new space-faring faction.  Possibly the Chancellor of the Stellar Command Force.  Or you could also be an Ambassador of a nation and lead the United Nations Council.  

Can be scaled down to as few as 6 players (one per nation) if the players are willing to wear multiple “hats” and work together in a single Fleet.

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While playing UberSpace Legacy, you will be assigned to one of the 6 new space-fairing Factions of Sol.  Within that Faction, you will be assigned one or more “roles” in which to operate (play).  Each role will require a different type of gameplay from you.

One of 3 Roles for each Nation

1) Nation “Head-Of-State” like a President or Prime minister, 2)  Nation “Deputy Head-Of-State or 3) Ambassador / Secretary-Of-State

Chancellor of the UN
or the
Marshall of Stellar Command

Lead the combined nations of the Earth in peace, prosperity and to protect it from any hostile invaders

Starship Captain, Commodore or
Fleet Admiral

As fleet Admiral, assemble and organize your various Ship Captains as you build your fleet for possible deep-space operations. 

Commadores pilot the Faction’s FTL Jump-Ship

Captains pilot the main work fleet of Sub-Light ships.


Six new Sol Factions, One United Nations Councils, One Stellar Command Force, Multiple Fleet Admirals & Fleets of ships!


UberSpace is being designed to scale from 20 to 60+ players!  Best if played with 40+ active players.


Unlike board games, MEGAGAMES are large enough for a single player to NOT KNOW what is going on with other parts of the game.  Focus on YOUR part of the game and YOUR part of this interactive storyline.


A Group Interactive Storytelling Experience!

Megagames typically do not have a clear-cut winner or loser.  Megagames are typically more of an interactive storytelling experience where dozens of players get together in a single location at a single time to “play” this game/experience. UberSpace Legacy (USL) is a BLEND of a Megagame, a Board Game and an RPG Role Playing game.  

A Megagame

Ah Megames…  The forced social interaction and semi-open-ended gameplay are at the core of Megagames and are what give megagames their “secret sauce”…  Megagames are SOCIAL!  If you can’t get up from your table, walk across the room to another table to negotiate for some type of asset or resource, then megagames might not be for you.  If you can, then, Welcome Aboard!  Megagames also have the tendancy to be larger than one person can take-in.  Some of the FUN of megagames are the debriefing at the bar after the game is over.  Each player recounting the various highs and lows of the previous game.  This is GOOD STUFF and is part of the fun of the game!

Part Board Game

UberSpace Legacy has many re-playable elements to it.  It has pieces that move around on a board and sometimes cards that are drawn.  These types of “mechanics” are usually not found in your standard RPG type game and are very “board game’ish”.

Part RPG Role Playing Game

Get into your role (character) as deep as you would like, or not at all.  Because USL blends Megagaming, Board Gaming and RPG’s, there is no right answer as to how YOU are going to play YOUR role!

Too big for most Board Game meetings/groups.

The very nature of megagames comes from their size.  ~50 players across a dozen or more tables is common for megagames.  USL isn’t any different.  

If your venue has the space for ~50 players and ~12 tables, maybe we can host a game at your location.  Otherwise, find us at local and regional gaming conventions.  

Upcoming Games

UberSpace Legacy Design

USL is a “living” game… Its design and content will continue to evolve.  The “Legacy” portion of the name means that various aspects of the game (TBD) will “survive” the early stages and live on through subsequent play sessions.  Players/Characters are “saved” from session to session and can “carry on” in future sessions.

This won’t be exacly like your standard RPG where characters tote all their acquired loot within their character from module to modue, BUT some elements of that may be present.  (TBD).

The design of USL, being fluid/living is always open to suggestions and critique.  Our goal is a game that brings an execellent experience to all who play!

Designer Notes

Groups We Support!

The USL team would like to show support for groups that are helping make this possible.

MGC is for all things Megagame!  MG groups from around the country band together to help the MG industry and each other.  A wonderful organization helping MG’s!

MGC Megagame Collition
MGC Website

Michigan Megagames was founded immediately after the 2019 GenCon convention.  Lee and Noah knew that MG’s were here to stay and that Michigan didn’t have any type of MG presence.  We’re here to fix that!

Michigan Megagames
MI Megagames Meetup

OCG is a great non-profit that promotes gaming AND helps the community.  They meet 3 times a month at local venues with dozens and dozens in attendance each meeting.  A worthy group worth supporting!

Oakland County Gamers
OCG Meetup

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