FTL Travel – Jump Ships

Ships equipped with an warp-field emitter can create a temporary portal to enter uberspace (also known as “Hyperspace” according to Earth Science Fiction).

This portal requires a lot of Energy to form and to be able to transport weight/mass through uberspace. The more weight and distance, the more energy required.

Prepare To Jump
Jumpship must be at least 6 Planetary hexes away from any planetary body, space station or any other ship or suffer (or suffer penalty)
1 ST needed to Connect to a jumpship
1 ST needed to Disconnect

Distance Able to Jump
Jumpships can transport a maximum of 600 tons of other ships with them, a maximum of 8 hexes.
2 energy is required PER 100 tons jumped (Round UP when doing ship lookups IE: a 120 tons is rounded up to 200 for this calculation)

600 tons – 12 Energy per system hex
500 tons – 10 Energy per system hex
400 tons – 8 Energy per system hex
300 tons – 6 Energy per system hex
200 tons – 4 Energy per system hex
100 tons – 2 Energy per system hex

Initiate Jump:
Any Interference increases the chances of catastrophic failure AND missed landing coordinates
Jump Success (drives or gates)
Roll 1D20 – Success on 2-20, Failure on a 1
If a 1 is rolled, roll another 1D20
1 = Total loss of all ships
2-3 = Total 15 damage
3-9 = Total 10 Damage
10-15 = Total 5 Damage
16-20 = NO Damage