Game Wiki

This is the Game Wiki Page. It is a WIP (Work In Progress). In these pages you’ll be able to learn all about the game.

PLAYER Quick Start Guide

ROLES to play within the game

Player Experience

Characters & “Legacy”

Control & Admin Areas

  • [L1 – Personnel]
  • [L2 – Ships & Upgrades]
  • [L4 – Market / Commodities]
  • [L6 – Industry]
  • [L7 – Galactic Bank]

Nation States of Sol Space

UNCLES – United Nations Council of Local Earth Space

SCMD – Stellar Command

Fleets, Fleet MakeupAstronavigation

Ships, Ship Hulls, Ship Construction – [placeholder]

Science & Technology Advancement

Recent Alien Communication

MAP – NearSpace – Local Sol Space

Designer Notes