Fleets & Fleet Makeup

JUMP DRIVE tech allows humans [Homeworld system = NS-0911-SOL] to finally have travel faster than light. A Jumpship, equipped with a jumpdrive uses massive amounts of energy, channeled out of a special reflector dish at the front of the spacecraft to create a micro-tear in space-time. This allows the ship, using its normal mono chemical engine and carrying up to 1000 tons of other ships, to slip into the tear and enter “uberspace” (similar to “hyperspace” in Earth Fiction). In almost an instant, the jumpship and any connected passenger ships exit uberspace a vast distance away.

With a properly balanced set of ships, a jumpship and its 6 passenger ships CAN explore deep space and remain out there indefinitely. Admirals and the associated Ship Captains need, in order to survive un-assisted in deep space, these capabilities:

  1. A method to find/create Fuel
    1. Process Ice/Water into Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen
  2. A method to find/create Water
    1. Process Ice/Water into H20
  3. A method to find/create Food
    1. A Hydroponics/Aquaponics system Plus a steady supply of Water/H20 creates food
  4. A method to find/create Oxygen (O2)
    1. Process Ice/Water into Oxygen (O2)

For a complete set of capabilities:

  • add a Machine Shop Module that can repair
  • and a Mining Rig that can mine metal ore from planetoids and asteroids.
  • A Metal Refining Rig can then take the Metal Ore and refine it into metal which is used in both repairing ships and building new items/components.

Fleets are lead by the Fleet Admiral.

Fleet Admirals work for one of two different authorities. 1) The SCMD or 2) Directly for a Nation or Factions under the Head of State.