Game Description(s)

Short Description: Humanity’s first contact comes as a warning of impending doom! Join 40+ others to organize, negotiate and defend Earth from the extra-terrestrial threat!

Long Description: Earth 2077.  The “early days” of our expansion to other parts of our solar system.  

SETI has picked up a strong radio signal from another arm of the Milky Way.  Based on its pattern, it has to be intelligent life. Our scientists have been working day-and-night to try to decipher the strange, but intense and likely directed transmission.  

Any day now we should get confirmation of First-Contact…

Transmission Decoded! 

This is a First-Contact situation with an intelligent alien species.

The transmission is from a race called the Niceans (NI-See-ans). 

In summary, the Niceans are warning us Humans in the Sol sector about an evil species called the Drox. The Niceans report that the Drox think that ‘their DNA is all that should exist in the universe’.  The Niceans report that the Drox been expanding rapidly and their malicious spread has reached Earth’s doorstep.

The Niceans have, (apparently) come to our aid, offering their help.  Due to their distance from us, they’ve chosen to send digital blueprints of some critical technology, since they can’t physically get to us in time.  

The first two digital blueprints are for a Jump GATE and a Jump SHIP.  

Learn the new technology and how to use it efficiently.  Navigation and logistics in space will be challenging, because we’ve never really had to do it before.  Learn quickly…

What to Expect on Gameday


In UberSpace Legacy, you’ll first be likely assigned to one of the new space-faring Factions of our Solar System (SOL) or possibly one of the Alien players.

You’ll then work with your fellow team/faction players to determine your ROLE(s) for the game. Many of you will be Starship Captains, a few will be Fleet Admirals or faction leadership. 

New space-faring Factions of Earth.  Band together. Use the new Nicean technology and any unique faction strengths to prepare for your first “galactic” war!  Defend the Earth and attempt to cut off their method of reaching our space! Lock and Load….

Mechanics Included:

  • Engine Building – Use nation resources to create more resources
  • Tech Escalation – Use Nation resources to increase your nations technology
  • Simulation – Tries to use “plausible” sci-fi in a practical manner
  • Resource Management – 
  • Negotiations – UN style Council play for select players
  • Unique Nation starting points (abundance vs. scarcity in various things)
  • Multi-level Authority – Nation, Council, Stellar Command & Admiral, Captain
  • Traitor Potential
  • Rogue Nation Potential
  • Rogue player Potential

Rating scales: (1-5 – Very, Some, Neutral, Some, Very)

Mechanical <2> Freeform

Fantastical <5> Serious

Low Complexity <4> High Complexity

Teams are structured and uniform <2> Players function as individuals

Genre and Mechanical Keywords:

  • Engine building
  • Tech Escalation
  • Military miniatures
  • Resource Management

You’ll love this game if…

  • Sci-Fi fan and want to be “in the mix” and participating
  • You like Resource Management, Engine Building and Tech Escalation