2nd “Partial” Playtest day

2nd “Partial” Playtest day

Games4Life was again a most gracious host for my playtest ( 207 N Park Blvd
Lake Orion, Michigan 48362) Look for their monthly playtest events!

Quick Reference to the Base Modules and Resources

Wow.. Another day full of learning for me. I spent the last two weeks working on all the things that were pointed out were not finished or wrong from the FIRST playtest. I applied a ton of fixes and changes to get ready for this 2nd Playtest day. Then the day came and NONE of those fixes and changes even got brought up! This wasn’t the fault of the playtesters, it was my fault for not knowing the playtesting process better. A big thank you shout-out to all that participated! I took ~4 pages of notes throughout the process. Pure gold to me for this process!

UberSpace Legacy (pending name change due to possible conflicts with the word “Legacy”) is starting to boil down into to large components within the game. One component is the ship Captains and Admirals flying around space interacting with the cosmos. The other large component is the collection of Nations. During the first playtest, I glossed over all the Nations info and we played the ships-in-space game. During this recent 2nd playtest, all that was covered was the Nation(s) side of things.

The Nations side of things I’ve got figured out semi-well, BUT I didn’t spend ANY time on the actual Role-Description(s). I overloaded all the playtesters by laying on top of them three different Nation Roles (Head of State, Ambassador, National Science Director). This “dumping” on them without any Player Guides or any real description of the roles and where they mesh together ended up being quite the cluster. I also didn’t delineate between the roles well enough and just kept piling on. Rookie mistakes…

Although I learned several things that I should do to make the game better, I learned MORE about HOW to playtest and what the expectations of the players are during a playtest. Hopefully these lessons will sink-in properly and I’ll be much more ready for the next session in 2 weeks.

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