Characters & Legacy

Part of the USL title is “Legacy”. What does that mean for you as a player and for your Character?

UberSpace Legacy (USL) is a Megagame (MG). Its also part Role Playing Game (RPG) and Board Game (BG). I’m attempting to blend the three types of games together.

BG’s normally don’t have any “characters” and do not typically have any variables carry-forward into future playings of the game. A few BG’s do this like “Pandemic Legacy” and “Risk Legacy”. Each of these games carry-forward some things that affect future playings of the game. Most other BG’s do not.

USL will be keeping a “Player Record” but not necessarily a Character Record. Each time you play USL as a player, that “experience” will be recorded and you will rise up in Character Rank. For example, the 2nd time you play USL you’ll be a rank of 2 (vs. 1). Each rank you have will count in voting for roles and voting within the UNCLES council.

As USL develops, there may be additional Character recordkeeping and some Character development and experience tracking. This would be several steps towards RPG’s vs. BG’s or MG’s.

For now, I’ll just be doing some simple Player tracking and player in-game rank. Stay tuned to this page for more details on the “Legacy” portion of USL.