Nations/Factions – CITIZENSHIP model

The nation/faction model is undergoing changes…. Stay tuned…

Inbound Game Players: Collect together with people from your group or people who aren’t in a group yet and form a Faction (team) of 6-10. Proceed to the L1 Registration desk for further instructions.

Human Players start on Earth. Alien “Drox” players start on their home planet.

Transferring Citizenship from one Faction to another is possible among your species. Get a Immigration form authorized by your existing faction Head-of-State and the destination faction Head of State. Return it and your Player Registration Form to L9-Secretary of Sector.

No Nation or Faction may have more than (2) additional citizens BEYOND their starting citizen count without a specific waiver-form authorized by [L1-Registration & Administration] or [L9 – Secretary of Sector]

If you are “killed” during the game, you may start-again and will likely get re-assigned to a different nation/faction.

If you choose to renounce your citizenship in a nation, please go to the L9-Secretary of Sector

Last update: 7/9/22 – Lee.