Gencon, Indianapolis, 2022 w/Megagame Coalition

Gencon, Indianapolis, 2022 w/Megagame Coalition

Wow… Was that an experience!

Three games back-to-back-to-back. No real time to make significant adjustments between the games. Let me say… IT WAS ROUGH… :-/

I overengineered most things and at the same time didn’t properly instruct my gamemasters as to how things should run. This created chaos and trouble for all involved. However…

We got through it! Many (not all) had a darn good time! I was told on numerous occasions “good bones”. Referring to my intention of what I was trying to create, just not the implementation. Everyone seemed impressed with the materials and production quality, but the rules and HOW the game was to be played left a LOT of room for improvement.

I’ve already stared working on the version for next year. Hopefully a year is a long enough span of time for me to fix the numerous problems with the game.

I’m looking for help across a variety of sections within the game. If you, or someone you know, want’s to assist in the updates and re-development of this game, please contact me at