FTL Travel – Jump Gates

Prepare To Jump
Gate must be “paired” with another gate
The traveling ship must be stopped in front of the jump gate (a speed of zero) and facing the jump gate directly

Distance Able to Jump
L1 Jump gates can be up to 8 System Hexes apart and still function reliably
2 energy is required PER 100 tons jumped (Round UP when doing ship lookups IE: a 120 tons is rounded up to 200 for this calculation)
600 tons – 6 Energy per system hex
500 tons – 5 Energy per system hex
400 tons – 4 Energy per system hex
300 tons – 3 Energy per system hex
200 tons – 2 Energy per system hex
100 tons – 1 Energy per system hex

Initiate Jump:
The Traveling ship moves into the jumpgate (after being at a complete stop) with a speed of one
Jump Success (drives or gates)
Roll 1D20 – Success on 2-20, Failure on a 1
If a 1 is rolled, roll another 1D20
1 = Total loss of all ships
2-3 = Total 15 damage
3-9 = Total 10 Damage
10-15 = Total 5 Damage
16-20 = NO Damage

Jump Landing Location
The ship is expelled from the jump gate going a velocity of 2 in the direction away from the originating jump gate
Jumpship Misc Info
FOUR “recharge” ST’s required before the jumpship can jump again. (spooling up the energy)
A jump gate can be re-aligned to “connect” with a different destination jump gate.
1 full NT. required to re-align and test the resulting connection
ONE ship or ONE Jumpship-with-connected ships may travel between a pair of jump gates

Connect more Capacitors (batteries) to the jump gate so that it can hold more energy for jumping.

Connect more Reactors to the jump gates to have them charge-up faster.