Main Game Loop


Status Check

  • You’re team is registered
  • All Team members have received their Role, Role Briefing handbooks and correct lanyards/badges
  • All Players have received their correct role-based briefings
  • The team assembles at the team table and starts their initial strategic planning, waiting for the game clock to start

Time to play the game!

Start Main Game Loop

  • The main game clock consists of 100 1-minute rounds. Each round is a CHANCE, but not obligation for your ships and your nation/faction to do something.
  • The main game clock should be a video on a large screen somewhere within the game room

Ambassadors Heads to the U.N.C.L.E.S. table to start their first council meeting

  • Represent your nation/faction at the council meeting
  • Communicate with your HOS/DHOS any noteworthy news or council resolutions

HOS and DHOS Work to start the nation/faction going in the right direction.

  • Plan and start any nation infrastructure expansion purchases then returns to pickup results after the proper wait/production time.
  • HOS should stay at the nation table so other teams can find the HOS when critical (a guideline not a rule)
  • DHOS is the “runner” for the HOS and can roam anywhere and carry orders or information


  • After completing the Fleet’s initial construction, the Admirals facilliate the communication between Faction leadership and the Fleet (Commodores and Captains)

Commodore and Captains head to the Map Tables to start piloting their ships

  • Fly baby fly… Don’t get shot…

Main Game Loop FinishedStart GAME ENDING SEQUENCE