Control & Admin Areas

The ratio of players to administrators for megagames is always something that has to be factored into game setup and preparation. Generally speaking, the fewer “Control” needed to PROPERLY run a game, the easier it is to book more games in more venues.

To this end, we’re trying something a bit different for UberSpace Legacy. We’re creating specific (fixed) place(s) to go to interface with a portion of the game controllers.

In smaller games, ALL the “locations” may be at one table with one Control. At larger venues, the (8) different locations may be spread around the location to prevent crowding at the Control table.

Here are the 8 different interface areas (even if they’re all at one table for smaller games):

These listed above are not finalized. They are all subject to change without notice. Updates will be made as they become available.

GENERIC venue layout (subject to change based on venue need)