Letter to the Gencon 2022 Uberspace Players…

Thank you for trying out Uberspace.

This project is an attempt to blend-the-lines between Megagame, Board Game & Table-Top-RPG game. You will register your player and assume a “character” in this game, similar to an RPG. You will combine with others at the Hyatt Regency Cosmopolitan Ballroom B-C-D on the third floor on Saturday night and form a variety of human and alien teams. The human teams will work (mostly) together against the alien teams in megagame fashion.

A large part of the game will be simulating space travel, logistics and combat. This is done in a very board game like manner on a series of hex-based map boards. The map-boards in Uberspace (UBS) are contained in four different scales. Galactic, System, Planetary & Locale are the four scales being represented. If each board is approximately 30 hexes across, then just the three larger scales would equate to (Galactic-30×30=900 * System-30×30=900 * Planetary-30×30=900 = 729Million hexes). The Locale scale really won’t be used in these early games but will be mostly reserved for future games in the UBS affiliated family of games and events. Although that hex count seems huge, remember that MOST of all those hexes are open/empty space that is non remarkable and will never be used or seen.

This game is labeled “Uberspace Legacy” because of the intention to have this Gencon’s “launch” be the beginning of a MUCH larger project. I’ve chosen to start this hopefully epic journey in our own humble corner of the galaxy in a timeframe that’s not very far into the future at all so that over the coming years, we can expand-and-grow (semi 4X style). Something like an Eve-Online experience, but in person.

We’re working with another project that will be at Gencon this year; “Starship Horizons Adventure Bridge”. This project is taking the software of a Starship Bridge Simulator and wrapping it in some walls, consoles, big screens and touch screen computers. Some of the loot obtained at the end of UBS can be taken and used at Starship Horizons. It is the UBS and SH intention to further integrate and expand a sci-fi grand/epic adventure. The SH developer and I have been talking about “larger” sci-fi experiences for 8+ years. We’re finally starting to show a glimpse into the scope and depth of what’s possible.

Although there are big plans for the future, we need to concentrate on THIS 2022 Gencon experience. Myself and my GM/Control staff will attempt to do EVERYTHING we can to make this years event fun, memorable and fulfilling. Please come to any of of the GM/Control team with any issues, troubles or anything else that you need help with.

The game will start at 15 minutes after the scheduled time, REGARDLESS if you’re registered by then or not. The “doors” will open 15 minutes PRIOR to the scheduled time to allow for more players to register before the start of the game.

Please form your team and choose your HOS (Head of State) before entering the game room.

Feedback/suggestion surveys may be on your player registration form, and/or in a seperate form located at the L-1 Registration Front Desk. Please let us know how we did AND what YOU’D like to see in future UBS offerings.


Lee A. Keiser II, Designer and Developer
UberSpace Legacy

Team Formation & Role Descriptions