Starting The Game

UBS is a “hot start” game. Show up at the game location (Gencon 2022 = Hyatt Regency, 3rd floor, Cosmopolitan Ballroom, Halls B-D) area 15 minutes BEFORE the official game start time.

(There isn’t a large briefing for the entire room like you’ll find with many other MegaGames. Doors open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. The game clock starts 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. )

You’ll form your team before entering the room

(look for the banners/signs outside the room for role information and other specific details).

  • Start trying to gather with your friends or with others looking to form a team.
  • Assemble your 8-10 player “faction” – Wait for your friends OR grab those around you who are un-assigned to another team already to fill out your roster. Once you have the required number then go to [L1-Registration/Administration];
  • Elect a “Head of State” (HOS) aka Faction Leader, using whatever method your group agrees upon.

Registration consists of the following:

  • Each Player and the HOS then presents their Ticket to the GM (aka “Control”) running the L1-Registration/Administration Desk
  • Each Player receives their Player / Character Registration Form
  • The HOS gets a team number, team color, team table and team badges assigned
  • The HOS works with the team to assign all the initial player ROLES for the game
  • (Roles can be switched at ANY time by simply exchanging lanyards and badges)
  • The initial player lanyards/badges are distributed
  • The Player Role Briefing Handbooks are distributed. Start digesting this material as soon/fast as you can. Focus on YOUR role! Don’t worry about anyone else’s role or you may find yourself overloaded, which will likely detract from your enjoyment of the game.

Role Training Begins

  • Admiral – GO TO [L2-Ships/Maps] (located in the same GM area as L1-Reg) to receive the your Ship Hulls for your faction. After receiving your Ships, proceed to [L3-Quartermaster] to start outfitting your Fleet
  • Commodore and Captains – GO TO the Map tables in the center/rear of the room to start Astronavigation (Pilot) Training.

After these steps, the GM’s will direct you to the next place you should be. If in doubt, ask a GM.

Remember: Read your Role Briefing Handbook and try to stay focused on YOUR role, not everyone else’s.