MEGAGAMES, unlike board games, have a small team of “Game Moderators”. In the Megagame world, these moderators are simply called “Control”. I’m a bit more preferential to the RPG term of “GM” or “Game Moderator” vs. “Control”. However, this being said, I may use the terms interchangeably (or double-up) in this documentation.

UberSpace Legacy doesn’t require a large team of Control members, but we do require several. 1 Control member per (10) Players should be about right (TBD).

  • (1) Main-“Event” GM/Control – Wandering
  • (1) “Front” GM/Control – L1-Registration, L7-Finance & L9 – Secretary of Sector
  • (1 or more) “Map” GM/Control – L2-Ships, Hulls, Maps, Astronavigation
  • (1) Nation/Faction GM/Control – L5-Council, L6-Industry & L8-Education
  • (1) U.N.C.L.E.S. Council GM/Control – Also would be Wandering as the Council should be mostly self-sufficient

Control/Gm Notes

For more information or to volunteer for an upcoming game, please email me at sintax7@gmail.com or text me at (248) 383-5055.