Control / GM for Uberspace Games

This game leans heavily on Board Game mechanics and doesn’t allow much free-form player choices. This SHOULD allow for a much smaller GM/Control presence needed. Unattended players may cheat. This is unfortunate, but mostly unavoidable. When humans come up against aliens on the same map-board, each player SHOULD keep the opposing player in-check.

Uberspace is trying to be “realistic” as much as sci-fi can be. We’re trying to use as much plausible “hard science” as possible. This means, if a rule or game mechanic is found faulty or missing, you the GM, have the authority to adjudicate in the best manner you see fit. If warranted, you can attempt to get the Event Control (Game Lead) involved in the decision, BUT you’re authorized to make decisions in their stead.

The PRIMARY objective is PLAYER SATISFACTION. This doesn’t mean go outside all the rules because you think the players will like it, but staying (mostly) within the rules, make decisions that fall towards the PLAYERS and their SATISFACTION, wherever possible.

If you’re position/station is “covered” and you’re looking for ways to help out, L2-Map Control is the best place to attempt to help. There will be a “lot” of players there. They’re mostly playing a “board game” and should mostly be self-sufficient, but its nice to help help nearby.

Gencon 2022 – This event venue will be situated with 3 of the four corners of the room having some “Control/GM” presence.

  • One of The front corners of the space will be the L1-L7-L9 Control corner. This corner handles Admissions, Finance and the Secretary of Sector roles. These roles should be able to be handled by a single GM/Control person, but can be split into 3, if extra control staff is handy
  • The 2nd front corner of the space will be the L5-L6-L8 section. This is Council, Education and Industry.
  • One of the rear corners of the space will be L2-L3-L4 Control Corner. This corner handles Ships, Quartermaster, Map Control and Astronavigation.

3 of the 5+ Gm-Control members will be fixed/stationary and players would approach them instead of the GM just wandering in an area. Two or more of the GM’s will be “roaming” and helping where needed.