Player Experience

The first thing to know is that this is a MegaGame (MG). That typically means that, as a player, you will NOT know everything that’s going on around you. This isn’t chess or checkers where you can see the entire board and know all the rules. MG’s, including UberSpace Legacy, often splits players into sub-groups. Each sub-group playing their own type of “game” within the game. As a Player, identify the “role” you’ve been given or assigned. First try to find out everything you can about YOUR role and ignore all the other roles in the game. Second, find out how your role integrates into the larger game.

MG’s, including UberSpace Legacy (USL), often break up the players into different teams, factions or nations. In USL you’re broken up into nations. Within each one of these there’s typically some type of leadership or management of the group. In USL you’re working with the “Head of State”(President or Prime Minister, whatever your nation chooses). Work with the Head of State of YOUR group and, within the role you’ve been assigned, try to figure out the best thing for you to do within the game. Make a plan of the particular things you should be doing to advance the progress of your team and yourself.

MG’s are mostly large and chaotic. Its NORMAL for you to be kind of lost during the first part of the game. This goes away the more you understand your role and your place in your team or the overall game.

USL, and all MG’s, are intended to provide you hours of awesome entertainment! The GM’s (Game Masters/Moderators) are here to certify that everyone has a great time. IF you are struggling or not enjoying yourself, PLEASE TELL A GM! Please pass along what you’re not enjoying and, if possible, what can be done to make your experience a blast.

In UberSpace Legacy, you’ll likely be a Starship Captain. Visit that page to get more information about that role. As Captain, you should fly your ship however you wish. You don’t always have to follow the rules of your nation or of SCMD or of UNCLES. However… This doesn’t mean you’ll be treated well by your former teammates or from your former nation or from Stellar Command itself.

MG’s are an “interactive storytelling experience”. Become a part of that story. Enjoy your journey.