Player Quick Start Guide

This is a more concise version of the Player Guide

  1. Show up at the event
  2. Verify your Ticket with the Front Desk of the game
  3. Report to [L1 Personnel] (wait in line if necessary) for Nation-State assignment
  4. Report to the [Nation-State-Table] that you were assigned to within the game area. This is the “holding area” until the game officially starts.
  5. ATTEND GAME/SCENARIO BRIEFING (whole room, all players) (5 mins)
  6. Return to the Nation Table for Elections and Role Assignment
  7. Be elected to, or be assigned one or more NATION roles
    1. Head of State (President or Prime Minister)
    2. VP / Ambassador
    3. National Science Director
    4. Fleet Admiral
    5. Starship Captain
  8. ATTEND ROLE TRAINING (15 mins) – Go to the area in the room where you will learn how to run the ROLE you’ve been assigned to. Refresh yourself on ONLY your ROLE(s) to begin with. Do not concern yourself with learning the other roles at this time.
  9. Function within your role. Ask to switch roles or be reassigned if you’re not having fun.
  10. Help your Nation-State achieve its mission and objectives, as directed by your Head of State
  11. Enjoy yourself
  12. After the game, go to the Bar with your friends to recount/recall your experience. Learn what their experience(s) were all about. This is an important part of Mega-gaming!