GenCon 2019

GenCon 2019

Gencon 2019 - Lucas Oil Stadium

GenCon 2019 is where the recent-chapter of my saga started. I’ve been working on a StarShip Simulator for literally decades and have had mixed results. Shortly before the Indianapolis mega-convention that is Gencon (Indianapolis, IN, 70K attendance) I learned of this NEW type of gaming called “Megagames”. Filled with curiosity, my weeks-long Internet research mission came first.

With a fresh head full of digital knowledge, I decided I needed some first-hand experience. This is were the MGC Megagame Collation and GenCon 2019 comes in. I choose to be a volunteer at Gencon where I played in a MG and helped Control several.

All throughout the convention, my head swam with grand visions to somehow connect my prior Starship Simulator with some type of live-action gaming. This direction connection is still to be developed, but UberSpace Legacy is a HUGE 7-steps in the right direction for my overarching vision.

USL development is coming along quickly. With my being self-employed, I’m finding nice sized blocks of time to devote to its development. I’m a few weeks from initial testing of some elements of the game.

Stay tuned to this blog as development continues…

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