1st Partial Play-test Complete!

1st Partial Play-test Complete!

Stock image of Games4Life shop in Lk. Orion.  NOT a USL pic..
Stock image of Games4Life shop in Lk. Orion. NOT a USL pic.. (updated pic coming soon)

Thank you Games4Life (Board game shop 207 N Park Blvd, Lake Orion, MI 48362-3149) https://www.facebook.com/Games4Life-Shop-2246078642304557/ for hosing my first playtest!

I had 6 players and a scattering of onlookers. I LEARNED A LOT! I took pages of notes and came up with at least a week worth of To-Do’s to be complete BEFORE the next play-test.

One of the things that I realized is my approach to teaching the game was maybe a bit backwards. I think I need to start with the nuts-and-bolts of the core game-play mechanic(s) and THEN back-peddle into the Megagame aspects of the big picture. I gave a demonstration/discussion about the mega-game aspects, without actually doing them. To this end, I’m starting to craft a small scale (single parsec) encounter with the Dachi (the evil alien race). A small enough scale to verify the movement and combat mechanics right up front, before getting into the larger overriding scenario.

Another thing I learned is that I should have went through with some of my Nation selection, Nation benefits, Nation drawback and initial Scientist disbursements. Then I could have let the players do a first/mock Council meeting and initial Stellar Command Strategy session. This wasn’t possible since I didn’t have a specific encounter for them to discuss the strategy or tactics on how to resolve the pending conflict.

I’m going to try to run a play-per week for the foreseeable future as long as I’ve gotten enough changes/updates complete and have got a good venue in which to do the play-testing.

Thanks to my 1st participants! Sorry there was so many things that weren’t complete. I vow to keep updating and adjusting to drive towards a convention worthy game!

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